About Libre Professional Services

Tax Accountants / Consultants in Cerritos, California

Are your primary goals to save money, time, and energy? Is your business growth not meeting high-performance standards and its full potential? Are you a captive of your business and not able to walk away for a minute?

Then welcome to LPS (Libre Professional Services)

Tax Accountants Cerritos

Libre Professional Services, through proven systems and processes strategically addresses the areas in business that are not aligned with massive growth, expansion, and ownership liberation. If you are looking for an 8 figure windfall from a great exit or invasion of a multi-million dollar franchise… Libre Professional Services can help

We have found that there are four crucial areas (The Critical 4) that MUST be aligned and operating efficiently for success. These areas are Products and Services, Sales and Marketing, Systems and Processes, Team Structure, and Development.

Without these areas operating at high levels, business growth will be difficult or even painful.

To elevate business in these areas or “The Critical 4”, Libre Professional Services provides invaluable services in the form of a deep dive business audit, consultation in Product and Service Effectiveness, Sales and Marketing Development, Systems and Processes alignment, Team Structure Formation, and High-level Accountability coaching.

Our commitment is to use our success strategies that have your business run independently, efficiently and create the highest market value for “sale for exit” or for “franchise”.

About The Critical 4

  • Products and Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Systems and Processes
  • Team Structure and Development

When change is just not enough…Transformation is called

We create for our clients:

  • Measurable
  • Predictable
  • Consistent results

We bring you over 30 years of business experience. Yes!! We will share everything. We know what you can do to save on TAXES significantly. You don’t need prior knowledge

Year-Round Support: We are open year-round to serve your needs.

Audit Assistance: Our professionals will assist you with any IRS audits.

Free Consultation: Information and consultations are always free.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer 100% satisfaction assurance. If you are not happy with our services, you do not pay.

Accuracy Guarantee: We give accurate returns and look for multiple ways to get you the highest refund or lower any liabilities. We have 3 level checks and year-round oversights on all returns.

Correspondence Assistance: Bring us all your paperwork. That is why we are #1 in our community. If you get a letter from STATE or IRS, bring them to us. We are here for you.

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